Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hey Willard, congratulations!
It's your 59th birthday.
That's a long time
On that dock o' the bay.

I want you to be true
to your dreams
Rejuvenate your heart
Among the moonbeams.

Take some spice for yourself
Leave your fears on the shelf
You can grow and heal and shine.
All good things in all good time. 

And venture through the darker woods
When down and weary are your moods
Wish upon the shining sun
That evil spells will come undone.

And hope and pray that all your moments
Will melt into the words of poets
Making light and sound and scents
Release the magic to you lent
By Greatest Spirit who's on your heels
Spinning dyas like rolling pinwheels
Until you follow a path of the harbor seals
And eat with God your final, glorious meal.

And bear a light upon the stair
To Heaven's door, to Jesus' chair
And then you will be engulfed by a mist
Take your loved ones by the wrist
And dance a dance on through the night
And trun and pass into the light
And I will be watching your ascension
You will have my fixed attention

And when shooting stars will light up the sky
I will somehow have figured out why
We do the things we do down here
Day after day, year after year

And I will know you were always there
Taking time, taking care
That I was not in any way neglected
And all your loved ones were respected

And I will be glad for your soul
For which the bell someday will toll
And your glee will pass over me
And I will know how very find
You really are, star,
And canopy will ring a
Special fire.
Happy Birthday

(SCA/for WWD, 05-30-2001)