Thursday, January 21, 2010


Dance a dance around the Sun
Behold the cunning Absolute, the One
All immense, yet a singularity
L uscious
O rder
R olling
D elicately.

This Lord born...
...from exceeding Nothingness,
there thrust a Fire Manifest,
a primordial sentience,
experiencing intelligence,
grows from chaos to dimension;
creation solidifies intention,
and bears Eternity, the Infinite,
unfolding moment after minute
that Lets Love Reign so gloriously,
over all and over me,
whole as One Great Absolute,
One Mighty King, One Magic Flute,
that plays and plays and plays
and days and days and days go by,
and it's all in the eye,
of a storm that you form in your mind
when you think of the way
that Amazingly Graceful Manuevers move you. 
Perhaps it would behoove you
to pray.

Behold the cunning Absolutely
Steadily raining the Law-rain unwearyingly!
Blessed is the Manifest:
Flesh, Mind entwined in Fixed Design.
It's a beaut, no Spirit is as fine.
It's ours to trust, down to the dust, each particle sublime.
Only you'z
Standin' in your shoes
And gifted with your mind
So breathe a breath
And die the death
We each, one day, will find.
Behold the cunning Absolute, the One.
Dance a dance around the Sun.
And celebrate today.  You are on your pathway!