Saturday, December 04, 2010


I could not really sleep
And I was thinking about myself
Like sex and candy
And how I had changed a thing, or two
Which made me think of you
As my head was on the pillow
And, accidentally, I thought
I heard you chipper in your dreams.

Granted, I can blow some smoke.
Granted, I might not be so pretty.
Granted, after losing 28 pounds this year, I added 8 back.
And granted, you already have a boyfriend
Which, despite myself, does not shake away
No matter how outlandishly I push the envelope
And think there's no accounting for taste.
But, as my head was on the pillow
I thought I accidentally heard you chipper in your dreams.

Kind of a "chatty Cathy" in a way
With a rapidity arriving from liberty of tongue
All the while perfectly valid commentary
It certainly seemed to me.
But I was worried that the vertices
Of my disappointment in self, of my ego embarrassment
Would rattle you awake.
And then it was practically like Christ
You signaling and enunciating for me to relax
And I was super-impressed, just like in a waking day!
I remember how you smooth my furrowed brow
When I am afraid I'm busted
Having been too much cuddle lust and puppy piddle
And you were chipper in your sleep
Even though I thought I woke you in the end
You were chipper in your sleep.
And so I had to tell you
Not because you haven't heard enough of my tales
But just in case
You forgot I think of you
As... chipper... in your sleep.