Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I think I know the viper that eats at raw guts
That took my friend David out.
I know that viper, like the twist of a knife,
When I have been angry, and practically blind.

It meant a lot, Davey, the whole time, and flabbergasted, say!
But what, 'sides a blink, does any of us take?
We did stuff, bro', you and me both, outlaws or no...
And it is just mercy that saves me from the blow
of your purposeful death, as I was not near.
But some of the shrapnel has definitely landed here.
Oh, yes, I think I know the viper that took my friend David out.
Oh, yes, I think I do.

And when Dusty was there, your best-of-friends dog, and me too, maybe besides,
We traversed some adventures, for sure, that is true.
But now it's too bad to say that that's as good as it got,
For a soul catapulting off of a cliff
into Sacremento River...
leaving poor Rosalee... in the dust, at the door.

You once fixed my brakes, on the very Toyota Tercel
Which you yourself gave me, back in the day,
like 2003, for a few hundred bucks, beyond whatever all else you knew
and showed, and did with me, when we were younger, for a few years.
You told Danny "Dust", the Vietnam vet, 24-7 boozer,
who stopped when he slept, t'was "FIRE IN THE HOLE!!"
When poor Danny was mad as Hell at you, too,
And ole' Danny, well, he's out by you.
And when T. Jones and you went 'round and around
I know there was 'casionally scrappin' went down...
And Tahni has headed on HIS way, too, long since then, by now.

I can't say I'll forget you, because it would NOT be true
And 5 years or so later after not having spoken with you
I learned you took a hard right
Somewhere between the thunder and the light, bro'.

I think I know how angry you just had to be,
So sad, so determined, choking back tears
Singularly ready to stop all the years...
All I can think, bro, is, you lighted a way...
One down which I could just as quickly fall prey....
Because I think I know that viper that eats at raw guts
When I have been angry, and practically blind.

I think I know the viper, like twist of the knife
that took my friend David out.
Hang in there, Rosalee.  Hang in there, David's folks. 
R.I.P. David Deyoung.  I'll never forget you.     
(SCA, November 23, 2010)